Bluum July

I know I know. This is horribly late. At least I am getting it up and out there for you. Let’s just get this one done and over with.

My box in July was probably the most appropriate box out of all that I had been sent. It leads me to believe that I may be right about them doing better with older boxes than younger. I have consistently seen others have problems with the younger boxes as well. The box in July was a third trimester box.

JulyBluum 1WM

This box included an extra item for me because I was so INCREDIBLY upset over my very first box from them. There was no indication what that extra item was so I had to e-mail them to find out what the extra item was. They did reply promptly and it turned out that an item had been included and they were able to tell me what the item was.

This box contained a Playtex bottle with an assortment of nipples. While I have been wanting to try this nipple assortment and this is something I can run to WalMart and pick up should my baby need a bottle and the ones we have don’t work. The bottle isn’t something that I would ever use. I do applaud the attempts though.

JulyBluum 2WM

Next up is a calming spray. I am not sure about the calming spray and why they included it. May be to help with relaxation during labor? It smelled ok but I have received better.

JulyBluum 3WM

Lip Balm is always amazing. We all go through lip balm super fast in this house especially when the temperatures start dropping. Also, lip balm is good to have while in labor and is one of the must haves on my hospital packing bag list. I will give them props on this. It was a good addition to the box.

JulyBluum 5WM

The last item was a book for baby visitors. I wouldn’t have been so against this book except that it was listed at a retail value of $30. This book was not worth $30. I also dislike that the majority value of this box is a baby guest book. I had absolutely NO use for this book. One couple came to see us in the hospital no one came to see baby afterwards. We don’t live close to family. There were much better ways they could have used this $30 than on a visitors book.

JulyBluum 6WM

Now for my bonus item. A set of baby mittens. The no scratch kind. They are nice mittens. Very soft and seemed to be good quality. I would say appropriate for a third trimester box. I just don’t use them. I have skinny babies and the mittens never stay on the bony wrists.

JulyBluum 4WM

Over all value, not including the bonus item, was more than we paid for the box. Overall, I would not say this box was worth the money paid though. I would caution you in subscribing to this box for pregnancy and newborn ages. The older boxes do seem to do much better but since I did not receive one personally I cannot speak to them. Only comment on what I saw from YouTubers.




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