Love With Food: August

I love Love With Food! They find the yummiest snacks around. They choose a theme and do a good job sticking to it. They also are reasonably priced. With all of these highlights we actually decided to go long term with them. There was the help of a coupon but that just meat that I signed up for 6 months instead of just 3.


The theme in August was “A Day at the County Fair” and was just as delicious as going to a fair! They also introduced the new information pamphlet this month. It is a tri-fold and tells you all about the food as well as how to share on social media and other promotional tidbits. I find it to be more efficient way of delivering information than the multiple postcards.


The first item included was nuts! This was a Love With Food brand item and the Homemade Dady enjoyed them. I don’t do peanuts unless it is peanut butter.  We got a good sized bag of them too!


We also got a lunchbox sized bag of Back to Nature cheese crackers. I will admit that I ate the entire bag myself. No one else got to try any. Yes, they were that good. Better than other popular brands out there. At our local store we can buy a box of them for $3 and some change. It is worth it! I’ll have to see how my homemade ones turn out though.


The BBQ chips were pretty good as well. I liked the flavor of the chips. I was only able to eat a couple before they got too salty for me. HD loved them though and ate the rest of the bag. I might consider buying some but it wouldn’t be the first thing I would turn to.


Cinnamon Grahams from Skeeter were another big hit. Both LittleM and I enjoyed them. In fact I almost didn’t share any more with him. I’m a horrible mother sometimes, huh? When I don’t have time to make graham crackers this is something I would consider giving the boys.


The lollipops were great to stash in my purse and the snack bucket for when bribery/rewards are needed. Sometimes I let them pick an extra special treat when we are having a particular long, demanding day.


Blueberry Rice Clusters weren’t bad but aren’t something I would run out and buy for our snack bucket. Little M did enjoy them for the most part but wasn’t super excited about them.


The salt water taffy was devoured by BigM. I believe is was peanut flavored. I’m not sure I have seen him eat something so fast as those two pieces of candy.


Of course no trip to the fair is complete with out some sort of frozen treat and this treat was the perfect way to finish off the box.


Overall this box was well worth the price paid and I would highly recommend trying them out. They do try for the more natural products and go organic and GMO-free with several items in every box.


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