Challenge #10

5 things you miss


  1. I miss my family. Yes I have my boys and my husband and I love them all dearly but I miss my brothers and parents. I even miss my cousins and aunts and uncles and Granny. I grew up a large portion of my young life around my dad’s family. We always got together for holidays and over the summer. They all still live close enough to each other to be getting together a few times a year despite the cousins all being in college and now having families of their own. It sucks seeing all those pictures of them getting together and me not able to join them.
  2. I miss working. This may be a “grass is greener on the other side” scenario but I do miss it, a lot. I loved my job and the direction I was going in. There was so much potential. Don’t get me wrong I love staying home with my boys and I wouldn’t trade a second of it. But I wasn’t ready to leave my job yet.
  3. I miss having a baby swing. I will admit that I am sitting here writing this while rocking PirateM in his rock and play with a foot. With BigM we had a swing and he would actually sleep in it for a little bit every night. We didn’t have it with Little M but never really needed it. I’m beginning to think that we are going to need it with PirateM real soon. His reflux and congestion makes nights hard enough but now he wants to be moving.  All. The. Time.  Guess I should hit up our local baby gear resale store and see what we can find.
  4. I miss the simpler days when I didn’t have to give my boy medicine to go to sleep or be strict about him not having anything in his room. The days when we could leave doors up would be nice too.
  5. I miss having more options available. While I risk sounding a little materialistic, I do miss having more stores around. Not even to spend more money but to have the options. I wouldn’t have to walk into a store and think to myself “well, I guess this is what I am getting because this is all I can get”. I could choose something because it is absolutely what I like and want. Shopping online is okay but you can’t always find what you want that will ship for reasonable prices.


What are some things that you miss?


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