BigM First Dental Appointment

I was terrified of this moment. It doesn’t help that I have anxiety concerning my own appointments with the dentist. Now I was having to bring my overly sensitive, emotional 4 year old to have strangers poking and prodding in his mouth. I had no idea what to expect. All I knew was that I was pregnant, due any hour, I had LittleM with me and I was having a dental appointment at the same exact time. Oh and Homemade Dady wasn’t able to go with us that day. I’m surprised my blood pressure didn’t go through the roof.

We arrived after going to the wrong office at first. I filled out Big M’s paperwork and they promptly called him back. He willingly went back by himself with the hygienist and my sweating began. I thought for sure I was going to hear screaming or see someone coming to get me because BigM was biting or hiding or doing a million other things that would impede the appointment.  I got through my paperwork with no sign of anything going wrong.

When they pulled me back I was in the space directly across from him. He was laying in the chair having no problems at all. In fact the hygienist had him engaged  in a lively conversation. While I was getting my teeth cleaned I heard the dentist go to check out BigM. My anxiety spiked again. I’m not sure why. If BigM could handle a cleaning then surely he would do fine with the dentist right? RIGHT! He was done before me and did amazing waiting for me while the dentist talked to me and finished my examination.

This is not necessarily how dental appointments go for special needs kids. I am not sure what was going on that day but he did great.  The staff did great with him and he took to them like they were his new best friends. It always helps when he likes the people that have to work with him. My only complaint in how they worked with him was telling him about sugar bugs. We are lucky, EXTREMELY lucky, that he didn’t have a meltdown over being told there were sugar bugs in his mouth.

I can only hope that the next appointments go as well as that one did.


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