Essential Oil Disclaimer

So in light of a few things I came across during some light reading I decided to put this out there.

I am not a medical professional, dietitian, herbalist, holistic medically trained person, nor am I a pharmaceutical professional. My posts on the use of essential oils are not meant to replace the advice of any such professionals. They should not be used to diagnose any illness. If you have concerns you should consult with the appropriate professional.

There are some oils that can be harmful if used in excess or improperly. Please be sure to properly educate yourself on the possible side effects and proper uses of all oils.

Please educate yourself on the different oil companies as well. Be sure to thoroughly check them out before making any major purchases. I am in no way affiliated with any of the companies talked about in my posts. I receive no compensation for writing about them. They are ones that I have chosen to test out and use after completing my own research.

Basically, be smart about things.


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