Mario Curtains

I wanted to do a Mario themed nursery. I had tunnel vision when it came to the theme. My next baby was going to be Mario and that was the end of it. Things were non-negotiable. Until PirateM’s ultrasound. He looked like a pirate. There was no denying it. Then we kept finding adorable pirate themed items. So I gave up and PirateM got a pirate themed nursery and Mario went to LittleM. It all worked.

My next goal was to do majority of the Mario room my self. Especially because it was impossible to find Mario nursery bedding. I never did find any. My brilliant idea struck. We stopped at our local Sears store and picked up a full sized sheet set. I used the fitted sheet for crib sheets and then used the flat sheet to make curtains! Brilliant right?

Now hold on to your pant because this craft project redo was extremely hard. I’m not sure how I pulled it off. Don’t forget to notice my sarcasm in those past sentences.

  1. I took the flat sheet and cut it in half.
  2. I then hemmed the rough edge so it was nice and pretty like the other three.
  3. Because I decided to use shower curtain hangers to hang my curtains I punched holes to be able to slide the hangers on. Our original idea was to make them like button holes but I haven’t been able to find my button hole foot for the sewing machine yet. To work until we get a better idea, I took the diaper snap puncher and punched a hole big enough to fit the hanger through and called it good. With the kind of material the sheet is the hole isn’t growing and they are holding up well enough for now. If you want to slide them onto a pole then just seam rip the edges so that you can slide it through the pre-made hole or create a pocket on the other end to slide the pole through.

Simple. Done before the kids were even asleep at nap time. My kind of project!

What house decorating projecting have you done recently? What are some that you would like to do?


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