Addictions, Visitors and Pets

Ok so I have gone MIA for quite a while now. I do apologize profusely for that. Several times I sat down to write something out and never got anything completed. Honestly, I fell asleep many of the times.

Lately, we have had a visitor. I called my wonderful Momy-in-law and asked her to come up for a week or two to help out. I have been in over my head and her coming gave me such amazing relief for 10 days. I couldn’t be more grateful to her willingness to fly up here and do everything that she did.

I have been juggling a lot recently. Some issues with PirateM, problem solving BigM’s school situation, fighting post-partum depression, coming to terms with somebody very close to me having an addiction that they won’t admit to. Oh yes and our Phoenix has been steadily declining for a while now and is bad enough to where we are considering whether or not her quality of life is good or if it is time for her to move on.

I will attempt to get more in depth posts about all of this up this weekend but I have learned the past few weeks to not make any promises. Trying to keep things going for my family is first. This includes needing to go grocery shopping and doing some dishes so we can eat tonight! After we check on Phoenix and see what the vet thinks.


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  1. I’m,sorry you have so much going on. You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers ❤


    1. homemademomy says:

      Thank you! I appreciate the prayers.

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