Dogs, dogs, dogs and more dogs

Wow have I been talking about dogs a lot lately?! It’s not my fault that dogs are just so amazing!

I also figured this realization was amazing enough to warrant  a service dog update. This actually happened earlier during the summer but I was so miserable, depressed and pregnant that the numbers didn’t click with me until today.

We were blessed with 2 amazing anonymous donors this summer and with their donations we almost broke the $10,000 mark!! How could I have not realized this until now?!? We now only need $4,394 to make our goal and move on with the next step of being able to receive BigM’s service dog. This has also prompted a frenzy of pleading and begging on the part of myself and Homemade Dady to our friends, family, and strangers. Share fest 3.0 to try and raise more awareness and get us that last portion of the funds needed has begun.

Do you know anyone with a soft spot for animals? Kids? Special needs? Share the 4 Paws mission with them! Even if they don’t help us there are many families out there trying to raise money as well. They all have equally heartbreaking stories. Some with seizures and epilepsy and others with severe autism. They range from diabetic help to mobility help. You can also read about the life changing experiences people have had from having a service dog placed with them.

Here is the link to our specific fundraising page and the link to the 4 Paws for Ability website.  Please take a moment to go check them out and help us make dreams come true and even save some lives.


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