Moving Madness

I am the kind of person that has to be 75% in control of things. I do like to get the input and advice of select people at select times and sometimes I even like to hand over the reins to other to take control. That doesn’t happen too often though, mostly I like to be in control.

Well, this is one of those times where I absolutely CAN NOT be in control. I’m not allowed. Not even a smidgen. Not for any part of this process. Okay I lie. I will get to plan our moving route and make lodging arrangements. I kind of have to know where we are going before I can even start. Then there is the packing and gathering information that has to go with us and a whole other collection of tasks that I can’t touch. I hate it. With a fire-y passion.

I also hate knowing that we are moving but not knowing where we are going. Homemade Dady’s work hasn’t made the final decision on where he can transfer to. Being the ever loving wife that I am I have already done some prepping for us though! I know exactly what will be in what bags in the car with us. I have worked to rid us of excess so we can save some money on the move. I have some ideas for stops we can make and given people we might stay with notice. We have started prepping BigM for the fact that we are moving. I have done everything I possibly can to ease the process later on.

Beware the all consuming moving madness will soon be upon us!


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  1. Brenn Baker says:

    I am the same way about liking to be in control, and when we moved from Nevada to Wyoming because of my husband’s work, we couldn’t pack either! We had to trust the movers that my husband’s company chose – most nerve-wracking thing ever for someone like me!


    1. homemademomy says:

      We have the choice to move ourselves and get paid back or to let them move us. Letting them move us is worth it to me this time around just because of how far we are moving. I don’t want to be trying to do a UHaul that far with 3 little boys. It came down to which was the lesser of two evils? SO hard though.


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