I have a love for YouTube. I didn’t used to like it as much and would only use it occasionally. Mostly for music videos and movie trailers.  Then a friend started a YouTube channel. After that Homemade Dady told me about being able to watch game play on YouTube as well. Then came the beauty bloggers and subscription box reviews. My days of not YouTube-ing were gone.

So here we have a few highlights of my subscription list. Just some favorites. Yes, you will see my nerd side come out a little bit here as well.

My favorite mommy vlogger is CandidMommy. She is not afraid to film in her car in the middle of a parking lot. I love that about her. She films grocery hauls, party ideas, make up and general life tips. She also is not afraid to talk about her bumps in the road. This brave mommy has opened herself up in hopes of helping others who may be going through something similar.

I have two beauty vloggers that I love. They both do box reviews, make up reviews and one of them will also highlight her hauls. Crystalis007 has a gorgeous style and cute puppy to boot! While Jen from Jen Luvs Reviews is not afraid to get up close and personal with her camera in order to show you products and compares a wide range of beauty boxes.

My favorite game play YouTuber is Christopher Odd. To be perfectly honest his play style annoys the heck outta me. I also can’t believe that I found someone who is a more conservative player than I am. His recordings are rather entertaining anyways. He posts regularly with all the games he is recording and I admire that. He plays multiple games at a time so it can’t be easy to keep up with all them on a daily basis.

One of my other go to YouTubers for gaming is Force. He does some game play videos but also does quick gaming news videos. I like being able to get just the quick highlights and not have to listen through an hour of boring commentary just to pick out the 2 minutes of worth while news.

There are a couple other channels that I like to watch for reviews and game plays but they tend to have some strong language in their videos.

There is another nerd related channel that I love to watch. Ro bakes movie and video game related goodies. She recently did a Halloween special and also does some vlogs that include games and tags. Her sister Mo even gets in on the fun sometimes! Her easy steps and instructions makes following along with her super easy.

Now what kind of friend would I be if I didn’t also share my friends YouTube channels?! She has two going now. One is lifestyle and highlights things she does as a housewife. The second is her and her husband’s journey to become parents.

These are just a few of the 50 channels that I am subscribed to! Hope you are able to find some new channels to follow. Do you have a favorite channel? Leave it in a comment so that we can check them out as well!


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