Where is my Aunt?

This post-postpartum time has been different from the other two.  After my first two babies I had birth control in place as soon as I was allowed to. With Pirate M we have decided to not start birth control yet. More like we can’t decide what would be best for our family but that’s beside the point. I am one of those women who gets visited by that wonderful “Aunt” within 24 hours of starting something. Well I thought I was going to end up starting naturally around that same time frame. I had the mood swings, the acne, the food cravings. That all started a good 2-3 weeks ago and are STILL GOING. I feel a bit frazzled and slightly insane.

I may be weird for saying this but I really wish it would just come and get things over with. If nothing else so that I knew when to expect her through these upcoming holidays (EEP!) and the move and travels. Meanwhile I am going to go sulk in the corner applying acne cream and gorging on chocolate and cherry coke.

Now the insanity might be in part from me taking on too much. Again. Because I never learn. Ever.  For the next 5-6 weeks I will be fundraising, arguing with the hospital and insurance (again), solving the mystery of PirateM’s nursing, crying in pain from PirateM’s nursing, making our first trip as a family of FIVE (gasp), celebrating the holidays, keeping up with the house, keeping up with BigM’s schedule, getting medical paper work in order for the move, and taking a college course.

Nope I’m not trying to do too much at all! Especially with the wonderful mood swings and then even more mood swings because of the winter season. Yep, in all of this it would be awesome if I could just get Aunt Flo’s return done and over with so I knew when to expect her.

What weird things have you ever wished for?



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