Color Book

A great way to teach colors and expose them to different textures is with a fabric color book. This is also a great way to use up fabric scraps that are just too small or awkward to use in anything else. Another great selling point? The book is easy to make!

You will want to gather up all the scraps to use and sort them by color.

Next decide what size of pages you want to make. The easiest way for me to make sure they were all the same size was to make a frame of sorts, to arrange the scraps inside of. Don’t forget to allow for seams. I always forget this part.

Take the scraps and arrange them in the frame until you find a design you like.

Sew all the pieces together to make one color page. I have found that taking a picture of the layout is helpful in case you have to stop in the middle or a toddler runs off with some of the scraps. Not that either of those have happened to me!

Once all the individual colors pages are done decide which ones you want to be together.

With right sides together sew the edges together leaving one edge undone. Flip so that the right sides are now facing out.

At this point I like to add some left over batting to make it a little bit of a puffy book. The batting will make the pages easier to grasp for the tiny hands in the house as well. Plus I had some left over from a previous project and needed a way to use it up. Talk about thrifty as well! I love this project.

Once the batting is stuffed in I sewed up the final edge. Yay we are done!

Actually we aren’t. The final step is deciding how you want to put them all into book form. I haven’t decided this yet but ideas include rings or sewing all the pages together at one edge or even possibly some sort of binding.

What would you do to attach all the pages in book form?



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