Thanksgiving Savings

This year my boys are getting pictures with Santa. In fact we are getting them done by a local photographer. All we have to bring with us is a frozen turkey to donate to the food bank. What better way to get a turkey to donate than buy using those coupon books that let you get money off a turkey with the purchase of other items. I normally don’t use them because we don’t eat a full sized turkey. The only time we have cooked up a full sized turkey is when we were given one.  At our local grocery store a week or two ago they had them out already. I picked one up and flipped through it.

Now what was inside this book is what entertained me thoroughly. It contained your typical stuffing, cake mix, gravy, cool whip and ready made pies. There were also offers for paper plates, plastic cups, napkins, dish detergent and paper towels. These weren’t so bad. There was also an offer for Nexium, Pepto Bismal and Febreeze air freshener. My guess is the Nexium to take at the start of the day to help with heartburn all day long. Then you take a shot of Pepto Bismal to help with things out the other end after dinner. Of course if you are needing Pepto Bismal and Nexium you will probably need the Febreeze as well.

The other amazing thing about this coupon book? It also saves the sanity! My boys LOVED looking through the book of recipes and coupons. Both of them loved looking through it. I ended up getting 3 books total so that they each had their own and wouldn’t fight over them and then I had one to use. Even after we got home they were fighting over which book belonged to who. Little M even still looks through it over a week later!


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