Green Kid Crafts: September

This is a kids box that center activities around a theme for the month. They include 3-4 activities with all materials needed save for scissors. The box cost is $20 a month with free shipping and decent shipping times. The themes do seem to be more STEM (Science, Technology, Engineer, Math) centered. This month we got a weather themed box.

We got our introductory poster to hang up and add stickers to as we receive boxes. Later BigM will get to color it and we will tack it up for him. This box included 3 projects that would help with identifying various aspects of the weather.

BigM chose to make a windsock first. Ribbons as streamers and high quality oil pastels to decorate the sock were some of the items included. There was some adult involvement because the adhesive included were the craft glue dots that BigM had a difficult time manipulating so I had to stick the dots on and then let him stick the pieces together.

A second craft included was a cloud identifier. This one was crazy simple. A picture mat, pictures of different cloud formations and a craft stick. The idea is to hold the mat up and look through it at the clouds and match the clouds you see to one of the pictures around the edge. Rather simple but slightly ingenious. We enjoy looking in the sky and deciding which clouds look most like what we see. It also gives him a chance to work on his articulation.

The third craft we have not finished yet but is a weather station. It appears to be made primarily of felt and is similar to wall displays you see in some classrooms. It has different pieces to move around to display the weather for the day. We are going to incorporate this into our trial run of kindergarten classes that I am looking at starting soon with him.

Overall we are very pleased with the box. It seemed a little over his head at first but BigM continues to surprise us and is quickly catching onto the various learning points. This box has turned out to be great for him. The value is amazing because they don’t give you cheap materials nor do they downsize just to save a few bucks.


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