No More Monday Blues

We had the best Monday news I could have asked for a couple days ago. Not only was Homemade Dady home from work for the day (Yay for extra cuddles) but we were woken up by a phone call. When I checked caller ID it said Xenia, OH. Normally I ignore phone calls before my alarm goes off but this one was not one to be ignored. I answered it wondering why they were calling me with the information I had asked for the night before when they have always e-mailed it. Then when Karen asked me how things were going I figured it was just an annual call to check on us since we had started this process just over a year ago. I was a little disappointed to tell her that we hadn’t made a ton of progress yet but had another small donation to send in. After that the bomb dropped.

I can remember the words clearly, “Well, after that $100 you’re done.” I believe my response was somewhere along the lines of “What?!” I can’t even imagine what it must be like for Karen to be able to make phone calls like this one. I swear I heard her laughing. She did have to ask me if I was in shock because I just stopped even making noise.  We talked about a few important things, like the fact that we were moving and what our most likely class date would be, then we said our good byes for now.

Just in case you didn’t catch that before we are DONE! We have raised all $13,000 between family, friends, community and amazing strangers we did it. We will be meeting Mathew’s service dog soon. Okay, it’ll probably be around 16 months before we get to go to training but that is a whole lot sooner than where we were yesterday! I know many people will be asking what the next steps are now. Well, it is quite simple. We enjoy the holiday season and focus on making the move as easy as possible on the kids. Simply, there isn’t much that we can do right now. Next spring we will make hotel reservations and then this time next year we will get a packet from 4 Paws with a couple more forms to fill out and instructions for sending in video of our family and BigM’s behaviors and noises. This way they can familiarize the dog with them prior to meeting us. In that packet will also have more information about what sort of equipment we will need at home for the service dog.

In the mean time I will be on puppy watch here soon. The weird thought is that BigM’s dog most likely hasn’t been born yet. Any litters born after Christmas are the ones we will be watching. They will be most likely to be placed with our class. Keep an eye out on the Facebook page. I’ll be sharing pictures of the litters as they come up on the 4 Paws Dogs page.


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  1. aillum says:

    So exciting. I am so happy for you all!


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