Love With Food: September

Oh my the flavors this box contained! Well, the theme was Spice Up Your Life so I hoped there was some serious flavor in here. I was thrilled to see that spice meant spice rack more than spicy, hot food. This box didn’t hit it out of the park for us but we weren’t totally disappointed.

My number one food were the chocolate cookies. Talk about deliciousness in a snack pack. They were some of the best cookies I’ve tried hands down.  I even tried to go buy some more but haven’t been able to.

The churro flavored popcorn was the one thing I was most excited to try in the box. It was also the most disappointing item in the box. The flavor was very light and barely there and not the full warm sugar, cinnamon flavor that you get from churros.

The sweet chili chips were tried out by dear Homemade Dady. He fell in love at first bite. I may have to go find some more for him at some point. He is more of a snack-er than the rest of us and especially likes chips.

Two words never struck so much fear in my taste buds than ghost pepper. This time around ghost pepper was paired with one of my favorite condiments, soy sauce.  This is meant to be a thicker soy sauce than the popular brand but promises to pack a flavor punch! Our next menu has chicken fried rice on it and HD will be trying out the soy sauce then. Can you tell he is the spice lover in this house?

We also have plans to try out the rosemary lemon spice mix on chicken as a rub or marinade in this next menu plan. It looks and smells like it’ll pack some pretty good flavor though, bringing back memories of summer!

Overall I do still feel that Love with Food has a good value. They offer a decent selection of snacks and food for a good price. They usually aren’t full sized but they are always large enough to get a good sampling and decide if you like the product and want to purchase more. I would highly recommend this box even though this month wasn’t their best it was still good and helped to expand our taste buds!


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