Julep: August

One of my biggest pet peeves where I live is paying for companies to ship stuff by the slowest mean possible. I mean taking 3-4 weeks slow. Why would I pay $6 for them to take 21-24 days to ship when I can go to another company and get FREE shipping and get my package within one week of the shipping e-mail? If shipping is in the 1 week range, possibly 2 weeks depending on the product, then I am more ok with paying a nominal shipping charge.

Julep changed how they were shipping boxes with the August box. When they made this change I went from paying for okay shipping, despite being given 3 different delivery dates, to shipping that I was still paying for but was taking longer. I must have been in the minority to experience an increase in shipping time because when I said something on the social media accounts I was met with a little bit of hostility. Here I was still paying $5 in shipping charges but having to wait longer for my boxes. I wasn’t thrilled with this so I cancelled Julep after the August box. I do regret it a little bit but not enough to sign back up with them!

The box that I chose was the It Girl box. It is the only box to include 3 nail polishes and nothing else. The other boxes include beauty products and other makeup products. I’m not huge on those Julep products so I chose to get only the nail polish. The new system does allow you to choose any combination of product that you would like during the four day window. The only time that the box type matters is if you are unable to log into your account and confirm your choices. I do like this system and feel that the four day window is pretty fair.

The colors I received were orange, red, and lime green all with glitter shimmer in them. The color names are Kirti, Joyce and Tammi from the wanderlust collection in case you wanted to go check them out for yourself. They are a good quality, 2 coat polish that held up well under the mommy abuse of cooking, cleaning and general wear and tear. As is normal with the glitter type polishes, these were a little harder to take off but nothing abnormal.

Over all I have liked the colors that Julep offers each month and the quality is on par with other brands in a similar price point. I will be considering picking them back up once we are done moving and are settled in. I would recommend trying out the polish boxes. I have not tried the makeup or beauty products so I cannot speak to them.


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