Late Night Musings

Today has been a sucky day. Complete and utter suck. The only good things to happen this week were us getting paid and I got all my homework done by Monday night. Otherwise it has just been a nope week.

PirateM has been in a funk and staying up until 3 AM with only 2 short naps during the day. When he is awake he is spending most of that time attempting to nurse. Key word there is attempting. For some unknown reason his latch has gotten worse to where he can’t maintain one for even 5 seconds on one side and 30 on the other. I also seem to be losing my supply. With him nursing so often my supply should be increasing but it isn’t. So we got a cookie mix to make up and try to help with my milk. These turned out better than the homemade ones we tried to make before. I can actually stand to eat these ones! They didn’t make as much as I thought the bag would so the value isn’t as good but until I perfect the homemade version they will do. I’ve also started chugging water like it was going out of style. So far I have seen a small difference but not huge.

BigM got thrown off by this week. More so than normal for some reason. It’s added to our challenging week. Multiple times of having all three kids crying/screaming at the same time. Of course BigM is the hardest to talk to or reason with. It sucks how difficult it is to calm him down. He even started stripping again. He has also started throwing things out of his room, again. Usually at his brother. He is feeling a bit neglected along with LittleM and we are trying to fix it but that is easier said than done. One awesome cute moment? He got to pick out a collar for his service dog. I realize it is super early but this way we spread the costs out over the course of the time. BigM was given free range of ALL the collars available at our local PetSmart. He was told that his dog wasn’t even born yet and we didn’t know if it would be a boy or girl dog. He chose this baby pink collar with white hearts on it. As I said on a post about it, this service dog will either be an adorable princess or a real-male-wears-pink-hearts sorta dog. I shrugged my shoulders and bought the collar BigM wanted. Who am I to teach my son that pink is bad.

Today I woke up under the weather. I suppose you could say sick but I wasn’t really sick. Just fatigued and weak-er. Thankfully the boys were amazing angels for me until HomemadeDady could come home. All bets were off then though. For as tired I still am I can’t sleep. I’m not up for cleaning or cooking but as soon as I lay down I’m restless. The results? This wonderfully random ramblings. Probably another one too since this ended up being longer than I expected.

Have you ever been stuck up late? What do you do until you can fall asleep again?


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  1. I’m sorry you’re having such a rough week. I always rob myself of sleep blogging late at night 😞 but it’s the I’ll only time I have. I’m praying things go smoother this next week and you can breathe and enjoy the days.


    1. homemademomy says:

      Late night is the easiest time for me to blog as well and we normally are night owls to a degree. Not 3-4 AM degree though. Things are always a little easier with Daddy home so it’ll be nice when he gets his break from work. 😀 Just 6 more work days!

      Thank you for the prayers, thoughts and kind words. I hope your weekend was enjoyable and the week goes well for you too!


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