Nature Box: Trial

Who can say no to FREE? Okay, well, mostly free. I did have to pay the shipping charge but otherwise got the box for free. I chose this box over others because it was the only one out of 3 or 4 that I was looking at, that shipped to me. I’ve said it before but I hate long shipping times and even though this shipping was less than $5 I still didn’t like having to pay for long shipping times.

The trial box included 4 small bags of pre-selected snacks and then one full size bag of a surprise snack. I did not get to pick these snacks. This is a selection that they have picked out for the promotion.

The snacks were not bad by any means. They weren’t amazing either. Our full sized bag was dried pineapple. Not the normal sugar pumped stuff from the grocery store. This was closer to something you would get from sticking pineapple in a dehydrator.

Overall this box was okay. I’m not convinced that the value would be there for the normal box. We have found other food boxes that shipped to us for free and have really delivered some good boxes. It is worth looking into but would not be my first pick for a snack box.


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