Subscription Box Wrap Up

I have a few more boxes that will be coming through the holiday but they aren’t any new ones. Well, I lie. I have one new box coming by the end of this month. The Wantable Intimates box. This isn’t a new company as I have gotten their accessories box twice but when you get a good coupon you just have to give things a try. I also forgot to cancel my accessories subscription and so I am already getting it this month. I was entirely NOT thrilled with the October box from them. After reading such an amazing description and seeing some decent things in another persons box I was super excited. I ended up sending the entire box back for a full refund.  I digress.

I learned that there are a TON of subscription boxes out there. You can get your entire life delivered to your doorstep monthly. I found everything from baby items and toys to preschool lessons. Menstrual survival packs to shaving kits. Even diapers and food and clothes. How did these compare to making the stuff homemade? They were certainly more convenient. Some were not worth the time or money spent on subscribing and others have been well worth the time.  The few that we are keeping long term are Love With Food and Austin Lloyd. The Austin Lloyd box is a little more expensive so we are picking it up whenever we see a coupon code for it. I do have a couple I may try here and there (date night, paper crafting and baking) but we are officially ending our subscription box series. We are going to be moving in a few months and this gives me time to make sure everything is cancelled. I can also now spend all this effort on talking about the move. What we are doing to get ready and how we plan on making it fun for the kids.

These next few months do hold a lot in store for us! Thanksgiving trip, finals, Christmas, HomemadeDady has work training, finals, LittleM’s birthday, moving, buying a house (FIRST ONE!!), settling in at new home, finals, PirateM turns one and BigM turns five, BigM starts Kindergarten, I start my final year of college, holidays, LittleM turns three and then we go pick up the service dog. There are lots of little things in there like prepping for the move, exploring our new surroundings, video tapping our family for the dog, starting new therapy for BigM and prepping for the dog. Okay, so this is more than just a few months but as you can see it is a busy time for us. Somewhere in there I may end up pregnant again too. HD and I agreed on one more baby but haven’t decided when we want to start trying for said baby.

Oh boy did I digress on this post! I was supposed to tell you all about the boxes and us finishing up the series! I guess I mostly did. The short of it is that you have to really put some research into the boxes. Don’t just go out and pick a box without looking into it.  What boxes have you tried? What did you think of them? Are there any you want to try?


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