Christmas Plans

Yes, yes, I know. I mentioned the “C” word before Thanksgiving. Don’t lie though. You have started thinking about it as well with all the Black Friday ads coming out. Didn’t realize there were Black Friday ads leaked already? Well there are. Many of the big stores too, not just the dinky ones. HomemadeDady and I are still in the process of finding our Christmas family traditions. We both had ones from when we were little that we kept going when we were first married but with kids we ave found the desire to forge ahead with our own unique take on the traditions.

I grew up getting gag gifts on Christmas Eve to “tide us over” until Christmas day. These varied from year to year. Once was silly string, another were hand held video games, another were mini nerf guns, yet another were transformer figurines. Last couple years we have toyed with doing stockings on Christmas Eve. It worked out okay but this year we have decided to break it to the kids that Santa is a historical figure and tell them why there are stockings and such. This kinda ruins the whole stockings on Christmas Eve things. I can’t bring myself to risk that argument with BigM right now. Pick your battles man. Pick your battles.

So what did we decide to do instead? We have really liked the idea of Christmas pajama’s and the pinterest idea of having a hot drink mix and a movie in the box with the pajama’s. I wanted to incorporate the something-to-keep-them-busy aspect still. So we are going to have boxes with Pajama’s, a treat of some sort and a Christmas craft. That will be what they get to open on Christmas Eve and then do the craft before going to bed.

Christmas day, I have decided, will be seeing a major shakeup this year. We are changing not only how many presents we buy, what type of presents we buy, but also how we are opening the presents on Christmas day. Each person will be getting four-ish presents and then we are still going to do one big family gift. I’m not sure where I stumbled across this poem but I LOVE it. Something you want, something you need. Something you can wear and something you can read. That is all they are getting this year. The stockings will hold fruit and nuts because most of the stories you find about stockings include some form of oranges, apples and nuts. Others talk about gold coins so we may even find some chocolate gold coins or dried apricots as well.

A few years ago BigM had a huge haul under the tree and we were so excited to watch his face as he opened everything up. We found out quickly that he had TOO MUCH and poor little guy couldn’t sit and open presents for more than a few minutes before he wanted to be up and running around. This year we have decided to start opening just one gift at a time. They will get one before each meal  and the rest spread out in between so that the big family gift will be opened after dinner as the last one. Where we are coming up with more than four presents to open are, for example BigM, I already know the something he wants are Skylanders. I decided that we can get him a couple for Christmas because we are making them a something special item. He only gets them on big occasions. I am looking at the sales that are coming and going and IF that is a big IF, I can get a good deal on them then I will buy him one or two. I would wrap those separately so he would have more than one to open.

What gifting traditions do you have for your family? What do you do on Christmas Eve and day?


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