“That” Conversation

No we didn’t talk about the birds and the bees, yet. It’s coming though. I can feel it. That conversation is still a few months off thankfully. The “that” conversation we had today was ALLLL about penises. Honestly I’m not even sure where he learned the word penis. It’s not like HomemadeDady and I walk around saying penis all day long. BigM is even at the age where we don’t let him stare at his brothers during baths and diaper changes and he is no longer allowed in the bathroom while I am in there.

Among the topics discussed were how Mommy doesn’t have a penis. There are FOUR penises in the house. He was pretty amazed by this. We also talked about how there were two in one room and two in another room. Yay for a little bit of math learning along with anatomy and social skills! I say social skills because the next topic covered was how we don’t look at other men’s penises nor do we touch other men’s penises. I figured this was a pretty important point to cover. Kinda like how they were taught not to say “shoot” at school.

We hadn’t really decided how we wanted to address this sort of learning. We both knew that we would never shame him from exploring himself. Just let him know that it was something done in privacy in his room. Not something to be done in public or in front of the family and friends. What would we call everything though? Would we teach our preschooler about vagina’s, penises and testicles? Sadly, I think he has decided for us.

So when it comes time for us to tell him about sex we will be talking about all the body parts by name. Why sugar coat it for him? He will learn about it at some point in time and I would rather it be from me than from some little friend because I refused to answer his questions. I also want him to know and to build the trust that he can come to me with anything and I will be truthful with him.

How do you plan to address these “tough” questions? Or if you have older kids how did you talk with them about it?



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