Holiday Update

So remember those Thanksgiving posts I had planned? Yeah, they didn’t happen as I’m sure you noticed. See, it is kinda hard to talk about all my yummy food when I didn’t get to cook anything. My Mom ended up coming for a visit and took over the cooking and my Aunts did most of the Thanksgiving dinner cooking.


**We are pausing you regularly scheduled post to let you know that I’m picking up several after I had planned on posting this update. What can I say, life happens and PirateM seems to know when I am trying to be productive and puts an immediate stop to it. Back to your overdue update.**


I can’t remember what I was saying about Thanksgiving except that I wasn’t able to get any posts made because I pretty didn’t cook a single thing. The one thing I did cook was at the last minute to use up food that my Dad can’t eat so taking pictures was not on my mommy brain. There is tons of cooking and baking coming up though and I will be sure to make up some posts about all of THAT food. If it makes you feel better the only difference between the Thanksgiving menu and the Christmas menu are the number of sweets and goodies that we make.

BigM is now on Christmas break and so is HomemadeDady so I’m thinking we will get quite a bit of baking done this next week. We did try making one thing already and it was a FAIL try. I did take pictures and will talk about what lead me to the insane idea that I tried. I’m also going to try and post what we got for the kids and I chose for HD. For those following me on Facebook I also am planning a post on what I have in my spice cabinet. I’ll probably do a post on my baking cabinet as well but haven’t done any teasers to that yet. I did receive another VoxBox from Influenster for free for me to review. If you have any craft or baking ideas for what to do with Hershey Kisses be sure to let me know in the comments! Then keep an eye out for the post on what we do with our kisses. Follow along with others who received the box with #MERRYKISSMAS .

I did have finals week that kept me preoccupied for a while but I am happy to say that I now have an AS and can’t wait to be able to announce my plans for the next step towards a job.  I apologize for being all over the place but I am sleep deprived today and not feeling good and honestly can’t remember what all I was going to talk about in this particular post.


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