Christmas Traditions

Homemade Dady and I grew up with different traditions surrounding the holidays. My goal when we got married was to keep some of mine, incorporate some of his and have the best traditional holiday this side of the earth.  What were some of these traditions? How did we combine them? What happened when kids came along? Where are we now with the traditions?

First let’s talk about some of the traditions from my family. We were big on food. We always had a big meal on both Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Christmas Eve always had a theme. Some memorable ones are finger foods, Asian, Breakfast, and family favorite dishes. Another tradition from Christmas Eve was gag gifts. These were intended to help kids keep busy on the night of Christmas Eve and stay out of the gifts under the tree. Even after we were all grown up, we kept on with the tradition. Some gag gifts were transformers, pocket electronic games, mini nerf guns, and silly string. The silly string left a pink stain on our couch that never came out. The last tradition that was big for my family was Christmas ornaments. Every year we each got to choose one ornament for the Christmas tree to buy that year. It grew to one for the big tree and one for the mini tree when mini trees were first a big thing.

HD family has just a couple traditions that I know of. Every Christmas Eve the kids get pajamas. Once HD was older he took over picking out the pajamas for his younger siblings. Our kids aren’t far enough apart in age that we will take on the latter part of that tradition. HD’s Dady makes Kentucky Butter Cake for family gifts. Small loafs to give away and then a big cake for the family to eat on Christmas Day. For the big dinner they always went over to Grandma’s house with the extended family. Then a newer tradition they had was to decorate the Christmas tree while eat Kentucky Fried Chicken.

When we were first together I tried to do EVERYTHING. Litterally, all of the above. Needless to say, I burnt out fast. I couldn’t do all of it. The last few years we have been modifying traditions as well as taking on some of our own. We haven’t settled on what exactly we want to yet. This year we are doing a Christmas Eve gift of new pajamas and a Christmas movie. We will all settle in and eat leftovers and watch the Octonuats: Vegimals Christmas. On Christmas day we will have breakfast of cinnamon rolls then open stockings. The stockings are the only “Santa” gifts they will be getting and it will have chocolate gold coins, an apple and an orange for each kid. Since PirateM is too little for all of that he gets two baby food pouches and a pacifier lovey. We didn’t get any new ornaments yet but we live next to a Christmas year around store so we can go pick some out later this year. I’m also waiting to go to Hallmark to pick some out. We don’t do a themed Christmas Eve meal anymore but will be doing a big dinner for Christmas day.

What are your traditions? Did you make some new ones after marriage and kids?


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