Autism or Mourning?

At this point I am not sure which would be easier to blame this behavior on. BigM has been having a rather rough last couple of weeks. I could take the easy (easier?) road and chalk it up to him being autistic. Or I cold explain it as him working through his mourning period. No one can really say what is causing this right now.

Just a few weeks ago we had to say farewell to our rescue dog, Phoenix. It was unexpectedly early. We had plans to re-home her before we moved. After her condition got worse over Christmas we stepped up when she would be re-homed to the end of January. A week after making the final arrangements she was worse yet again. I won’t go into details of what was happening but it was becoming a safety problem for her and even for the kids at times. She needed a home that didn’t have active young kids and more room for her to roam safely.

Homemade Dady and I decided that it was time. We loaded up the car and explained to BigM that we were taking her to a new place that would help her feel better. He was quite distraught that she would never come home or have her pillow and food bowls. We did our best to assure him that she was being taken care of. So could that be the cause of this sudden uptick in behavior?

This was no simple more crying fests. This became an all out scream fest complete with kicking and throwing. Severe enough to where I had to give him an extra dose of the nutritional supplements we use to help with his moods. They worked. Enough to him just rolling around on the floor in his blanket. I’ll take that over him kicking and screaming at me. In fact we almost had a second day like that. These occurrences are rare. Thankfully. I can usually keep him calm enough to not need the extra dose.

At this point I’m not sure which one I would actually prefer it to be.


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  1. aillum says:

    Sorry to hear that as of late it has been rough!! We are always thinking of you all!! Hugs to you all! Love Amber 🙂

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    1. homemademomy says:

      Thank you for the thoughts and support. We are very lucky to have friends like you. Hope we have better news to share soon! Stay warm.


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