Pirate GERD’s

For those who have experienced it you probably already know what this post is about. Others may be scratching their heads wondering what in the world I got a hold of and who let me on the computer. I promise I am not drunk blogging. Not this time. This is just an update of PirateM. I realized I hadn’t written much about him in quite a while. Short news? He has GERD. Not severe thankfully but enough to make life difficult.

GERD stands for gastroesophageal reflux disease. We suspect that LittleM had a very minor form of it when he was little but by this age had outgrown it. PirateM is still showing symptoms of it. They keep telling us he will grow out of it but until such a time we are having sleepless nights and lots of cuddles and rocking during the days. He has been in for a swallow study recently which came back as normal anatomy. We are down to having to give him medications or looking into alternative treatments because both HomemadeDady and I need to be able to start getting some sleep.

From the day he was born he has had trouble nursing with coughing and spluttering and trouble latching. We got the latch mostly fixed with treating a tongue tie and torticullis. He was still coughing and spluttering. Last well baby appointment said there wasn’t much we could do but he would grow out of it soon. After that appointment he started choking. Not choking where he is coughing and working hard to clear it. Choking where he couldn’t clear it on his own and I had to flip him over and call for HD just in case. This is what resulted in the swallow study. Now what? I wish I knew. We are looking into prescriptions, chiropractor work and probiotics.

I would love to have a day where PirateM doesn’t scream out for no apparent reason but seems to be in pain. Or where I have to sit him up quickly or flip him over and pat his back. Sleeping in bed without him would also be lovely. Having him wake up in pain makes it hard to transition into the pack n’ play.

Have you had a baby with GERD? What things did you try? How old was your baby when they out grew it? If ever?



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  1. Our daughter also had it. I will be honest, not much helped. She was on Ranitidine for a while. It did actually help, but did not seem it until I tried weaning her off. We kept her elevated at night, but she still did not sleep. I changed my diet completely, but she still had issues. She arched her back & would thrash & cry. I think she finally grew out of it close to a year. It is probably not what you wanted to hear, but of course that is only my experience. Good luck.

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    1. homemademomy says:

      This poor kid just hasn’t gotten much of a break. We were told that he should start growing out of it soon but who knows when that “soon” will actually be. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. It helps knowing there are others who went through something similar.


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