6 Month Update

I can not believe it. My baby boy is 6 months old. When did he go and get so big so fast? I figured with everything that had been going on, a 6 month update on Pirate M was needed. Now that he has had his 6 month well baby exam.

We have had an interesting 6 months with him spitting up, breathing funny, choking, struggling to nurse efficiently and probably a ton more problems that i am just blocking from my memory. He was treated for mild torticollis, posterior tongue tie and GERD. We are still treating for GERD without prescription medication. We decided that he may be growing out of it now and with him teething it is hard to say if he is up all night from GERD or from teething. There is no other reason to treat for GERD right now because we also can’t say if his random crying sessions are GERD or teething. Otherwise he looked beautiful and there were no concerns at all.

He has started on solid foods and takes to them like a champ both from pouches and from the spoon. We have yet to find a food he does not like. PirateM is also on the move. He rolls all over and inchworms to toys. Lately he has started to figure out how to low crawl and get up on his hands and knees. He has a bit to go before he is crawling on his hands and knees though. There are no problems getting where he wants to go and even chases a sippy cup around the living room.

PirateM is also reaching for toys and laughing at his brothers. Just an all around very happy little baby. He is also very social little baby and has been a joy to have around the house to brighten up these days. Oh yes, his eyes have turned a hazel color now but his hair is still red!

Our biggest problem is still the sleep situation. He doesn’t sleep unless in our arms and only if I nurse him or Homemade Dady walk with him. What do you do to get your infants to sleep?


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