Baking Frenzy

A while back I went on a baking spree. I made homemade cheese and then used the whey to make bread. I also made funfetti cupcakes as a promise to BigM. The whole day turned out not as planned.

First was the cheese. I followed the recipe to the degree, using this one from Pioneer Woman. I must have not followed something somewhere because mine turned out more like ricotta cheese. The amount of whey left over was astounding.  Something went wrong somewhere and I wish I knew where. We used the ricotta like cheese in homemade lasagna later and it was some of the best lasagna we have ever had.

I had read that you could use the whey to replace water in a bread recipe. So I pulled out the bread machine and got it all set up. The resulting loaf, was, well, tossed. I’m not sure if the problem was the whey or the yeast but the bread didn’t rise. It didn’t even come close to rising. I opened up the machine to a hard, lumpy mass.  I have successfully made bread machine bread in that machine so it is possible. Here is a website I used when doing all my whey bread research.

Finally came the cupcake baking session with BigM. I chose a funfetti recipe to try out. The cupcake batter tasted yummy. Looked good with chocolate sprinkles in it. The important thing to remember is that BigM had fun making his special cupcakes. They got dry really fast though. These would be perfect for a birthday party or other event where they will be eaten right away. They were rather delicious.

Have you ever had a bad cooking day? Did you go back and try the recipes again or just give up on them?



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