Not Quite Homemade, Homeschool

After a recent IEP meeting with BigM’s school we had confirmed what we already knew. This kid is too smart for his own good and ours. I was already working with BigM at home on some more advanced work than what he has been getting in school. Last week we decided to try out doing some full blown home school lessons with him. While there are a TON of resources out there to be able to home make his home school year, I chose not to. The stress it would create and time it would take were not worth it to us.

This is something we have been considering for a while but never felt like a curriculum spoke to us until now. We took a leap of faith and are trying out the Kindergarten Complete semester one binder. It is set up as weekly unit studies and has everything laid out for you. All I have to do is gather the art supplies and P.E. equipment and off we go. They even provide patterns and worksheets for the activities that call for them. There is an option to get everything included along with calender supplies and flashcards but we opted out of that. I can easily make those myself with out much effort.

We plan on moving through this curriculum a little bit faster than they have laid out and at the end of the binder will decide if we want to keep going with semester two or not.

What curriculum do you use to home school? Are there any barriers keeping you from home schooling?


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