“Bugolgi” Beef

One of our favorite go-to meals is a “fake” Bugolgi. Despite my Asian background I first heard of Bugolgi when I lived in the deep south. It was a special at a diner/cafe type place and my workplace would eat there almost every week for that special. After I moved away from that area I found a recipe for a cheater version on Pinterest. I don’t even remember the site anymore because we have made it so much we go from memory.

I don’t have a recipe for you either. We go by taste and look. The ingredients include:

Brown Sugar

Soy Sauce



Chopped Chives (we use broccoli instead)

Ground Beef

You want it to be a thicker sauce. Some people like it sweeter than others so they add in more sugar than we do. We also use less meat and more broccoli. Cook it all up in a pan together and then serve over rice. If you use chives instead of the broccoli then you sprinkle them over top instead of cooking into the meat mixture.

Simple as that to have a decent meal that will knock the socks off your guests. Do you have a go-to meal for lazy nights?



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