Challenge #13

What keeps you blogging?

Blogging has become a good past time for me. A release of sorts. I like to think I am making a difference for someone out there in the internet world. I realize I probably am not but I can always hope, right?

This lets me share my experiences and hear from others what happened when they tried something similar. Not everything works for every person and every family and you don’t always hear about the failures. If something didn’t work for me then I tell you. If I failed horribly I still share it. I try my best to be raw and open for all you lovely people. This is one reason I could never do a Youtube channel. A few have encouraged me to start one but I couldn’t stand re-do takes and recipes and getting the perfect shot to piece together. This seems to be more what people look for in Youtube channels so I avoid that. Nothing wrong with those who do have the channels and editing and such. It just is not my niche.

Blogging is more my style. Nothing wrong with that.

Do you have a youtube channel or a blog? Which do you prefer to use? If you don’t have one yet what has stopped you?


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