Monday Madness

This past Monday was madness. From over sleeping to thinking we are going to get arrested to being mistaken as the wife of the wrong guy to needing iron tests done and kids melting down over it, that Monday was absolute, total, complete madness. This also happens to be the offending Monday that tipped me over the edge and resulted in me getting pretty sick. Yeah. That Monday. Just another reason to hate Mondays.

Monday isn’t always this spectacular but this particular Monday saw an event coming to town that our town hasn’t seen happen in over 10 years. Said event has also only happened twice, including this time, in 43 years. It was a big deal and my boys and I were going to be there come hell or high water. Homemade Dady was unable to take time off to go with us so one of his friends went instead. To get there we had to find parking over a mile away and walk to shuttle buses that had lines close to two hours waiting time before we could even get on. The decision was made to just drive down and see what we could see from the road since it was an outdoor event. We get there and find a prime spot on the side of the road. Our first parallel park job wasn’t that great and happened to be right in front of a police car. The cop wasn’t happy with us but let us stop long enough to get one kid out and be off. In this quick unloading I didn’t have time to get BigM in his snow suit that we had brought with us to wear. He wore an over sized coat of mine while I wore my secondary coat.

BigM had an amazing time despite the windchill. When I had to climb back up to the car, parked further down the road, to warm up my hands he went back to the dog race start with the family friend. I jumped back out for one more round of pictures while the boys got strapped in and warmed up. We drove down the road another mile or so looking for a place to turn around and found a prime viewing spot for pictures. It became less prime after I fell in the snow wearing jeans and my snow boots weren’t laced all the way up.

From the race starting line we went to eat. I lost count of how many times we were called a family at the restaurant and then at the next appointment I had. At this point the poor guy was just tagging along because he had no way to get back home until Homemade Dady could get into town. At the appointment BigM had to get an iron test done. He got to touch every piece of equipment used to take the blood sample, think blood sugar check, and even watched me have one done first. BigM wanted nothing to do with it. He was squeezing himself into a corner as far from the desk as he could get. I was able to bribe BigM by having the friend come in and sit with BigM and help choose stickers. Success!!

From there we all needed a break and headed to the book store for some coffee, water and casual book browsing. This is where HD caught up with us and cars were traded back. HD took over kid care and off to our final appointment of the day which happened to be a well child check up for LittleM.

By the time I made it home I passed out. Woke up long enough to eat a little and fell back asleep. I’m not sure if I love these kind of busy days or not.

What does a busy day look like for you?


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