What Date is it again?!

Have you ever heard of a “man card”? If a guy does something not considered manly enough they were referred to as losing their man card. If women have something similar then I believe this time of year for the last 5 years I would have had to turn it in. From our very first anniversary I have had difficulty remembering what date we got married on. I am the person always having to ask what date we got married on. This is where we enter the twilight zone. Homemade Dady has remembered the four years. The other year he remembered only because he had an alarm set.

Yesterday, I triple checked, it really was yesterday, we celebrated 6 years married. I wish I could say blissful but it hasn’t exactly been complete bliss. That’s not just me talking. After telling a marriage counselor, a couple years ago, about how things had been going for us, he took one look at HD and I and was almost speechless along with a comment about how we haven’t had a break since we got married. As was pointed out by my own daddy, I’ll be waiting forever if I keep waiting for “a break”.

We celebrated our anniversary a little early by going to see Cinderella in the theater the day it came out. Thank you to the amazing friends who gave us a paid for date night for Christmas and then took the children for the night so we could cash in!! The next day we went on a spontaneous road trip. We left for ice cream and trinket shopping and didn’t get home until 4 hours later. We decided to just drive ad kept driving. Then turned around and ate an early dinner at a hole in the wall roadhouse. That food was some of the best we have had in a long time.

What better way to spend your anniversary than with friends and family and being carefree?


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