Mario 8-bit Quilt: Cutting

LittleM has his room decorated in a Mario theme. I decided to make his bed blanket by hand. I fell in love with the idea of an 8-bit pattern quilt. If only I had realized jut what I was getting myself into. I found some patterns online and then decided that I just couldn’t find everything I wanted and so I designed some patterns on my own. Thus far that has been my favorite part. I got to pull out some colored pencils printed large square graph paper and got to work by coloring pretty designs. What better way to spend a night or two?

The directions I was following had you cut the fabric into one inch squares. Yards and yards of fabric and a dozen or more fat quarters all cut into 1 inch squares. It didn’t sound that bad until I sat down to try and accomplish this feat. I’ll be honest. I’m still working on it. This step sucks. Every creative description that you can think of to express how much this step sucks would probably be appropriate. I’m sure I had a few strings of expression similar to Clark on National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation during the little bit that I have completed.

For anyone who wants to attempt a similar project the best help I have found is to tape the fabric down. A lot. If someone out there with more experience has a better idea PLEASE leave a comment and let me know. Anything to make this cutting go a little easier would be welcomed with a parade and ice cream sundaes.

I did opt to buy a specific backing/stabilizer to make this project a little bit easier. This stuff is adhesive on one side so you can cut it to the size you need and then stick the fabric squares on in the pattern. This will make the sewing of the characters go smoothly. It adds an extra $60-80 to the project but I would HIGHLY recommend it. Otherwise you are sewing the 1 inch squares individually instead of just going in lines. The real nice thing about this sticky stuff? It is water soluble so once you have the character sewn together you can just soak it in some water to get the extra layer off. Yep, I’m sold.

So I am off to buy a large cutting mat because the one I was borrowing had to be returned to the owner and to make a doctors appointment for the carpal tunnel flare that is sure to happen at the end of all this cutting.

Have you made a quit before? What design did you use?


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