Cloth Diaper: Lil Joey

Lil Joeys were my favorite diapers for PirateM when he was a newborn. He fit into newborn sizes for several weeks after he was born despite being my biggest and chunkiest baby of the three.

They are AIO and made to be on the small side. If you have a premie or a smaller baby these would probably be perfect for you. They are built almost identical to the Rumparooz in diaper style and have double leg gussets that many cloth diaper parents prefer to see. They are rather expensive for the short amount of time the average baby can use them.

We never had any problems with absorption but would have some problems getting them 100% clean because of a line sewn down the middle of the inside portion of the diaper. I solved this by inverting the diapers as I put them in the wash. This exposed the entire inside well enough to get a good wash. Staining also was not much of a problem with the Lil Joeys compared to the other newborn diaper brand that we used. These do take a little longer to dry and again do better in inverted so more of the fluff is out. I was not able to get a good sun test in on these but my Rumparooz have done well in the past so I am sure these would do well to.

I could not get over how adorable PirateM’s little cloth booty looked in the Lil Joey. I even broke one of my rules and bought a retired print that was raised in price compared to current colors and prints. In this case, it was well worth it. Freaking adorable.

Over all both HomemadeDady and I liked the Lil Joey cloth diapers for newborns and would highly recommend for smaller or skinnier babies. I’m not sure they would get as good of a fit on bigger babies.

Did you cloth diaper in newborn sizes? What brand did you use?


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