Home school Review: Kindergarten Complete

We all know by now that I am crazy. I take on too much and overwhelm myself very quickly. After hearing BigM’s IQ scores I knew that I had to be the one to step up and help him go farther in his academics. The school won’t do it because he isn’t there for academics right now. He is there for life skills. So, in addition to going to school he is also being home schooled. What did I choose to do with his home school? I am glad you asked.

Why not start from the beginning with Kindergarten? Seemed the logical place to start. We also plan on finishing faster than your normal school year because he already knows the first few months of Kindergarten. A steady schedule is not our forte but when we are able to sit down and work he can easily complete 2-3 days in about an hour. Each day is projected to take 2-3 hours. Did I mention he has a high IQ and is a FAST learner?

I have been researching home school set ups and curriculum for years. Multiple years. I have looked at so many different books and sets and approaches I think my eyes started spinning. I even tried to set up my own thing from a hybrid of several but that was a little too much for me to be able to take on. After the re-certification meeting and new IEP I knew with out a shadow of a doubt that BigM needed to be challenged more and I was the only one who was going to do it.

There was one format that had always appealed to me for the younger kiddos was unit studies. I happened to stumble upon a Kindergarten set up that was made in unit studies. In fact this little gem was within our price range for testing something out, gave us half a year, and had everything planned out for us. All I had to do was gather crafting supplies and library books. They planned out four days of the unit and day five was for us to expand how we chose. That fifth day is when we go visit the library as a group and they have a chance to practice library etiquette, look at new books and I get to pull books for the next couple of units.

Kindergarten Complete is Christian based and have weekly memory verses but you could easily bypass those and the discussion questions relating to the verse and not lose anything from the learning. They do have suggested and specific books they use each week but I have easily been able to adapt to what we could find at our local library and even find some read through videos on YouTube for the kids to listen to. BigM loves doing school work and is preferring the “panda binder” to the other work books from Barnes and Noble we had previously been using. The customer service was also amazing and prompt. I would highly recommend checking them out to see if it might be a fit for your family.


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