New Pets

A week or two ago I got this bright idea to try and make my own naturally carbonated soda. To be able to make this naturally carbonated soda I needed a new pet. I’m horrible at keeping pets. Well, pets that don’t remind you to feed them and get them water.

First thing I had to do was grow a ginger bug. Then I would mix some of the bug with a homemade syrup made from herbs and let chill and carbonate. Voila! Simple and easy! Until two weeks later and you only fed the bug once. You are supposed to feed the bug sugar and grated ginger everyday for five to eight days.

The start is simple, water, sugar and grated ginger. Add grated ginger and sugar everyday for five days. Then you pour some out to make the soda and the rest can be kept to keep the bug going. Since I have a Soda Stream I am going to make the syrup and then add it to a bottle from the soda stream. Cheating? May be a little. I really want to try this homemade root beer though.

Have you made a naturally carbonating soda? How did it turn out?


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