A New Kind of Homemade Momy

I had mentioned several days back that I was rethinking how I was going to approach this blog. It took some serious life events for me to finally come to the conclusion that I hadn’t been staying true to myself for the first year of the blog. What exactly happened won’t be detailed out here but I hit one of the lowest points of my life and felt completely torn apart and betrayed.

From there I redefined what being a homemade Momy means to me. I stay at home with the kids. It is there that I am learning to be a mom and what it means to be a mom. I am being homemade into a Momy. There will never be a time when I am done learning or growing. This is my journey.

My passions include homeschool my kids, video games, table games, paper and pencil RPG’s, making random things from scratch, event planning and helping women through pregnancy and labor. This may be an odd mix of interests but it is who I am and makes me me. There is nothing wrong with that.

With all that being said this blog is going to turn eclectic. We are going to talk about what ever I feel like talking about. There will be new art coming at some point in time. When that will actually be is a mystery to even me. For now I am focusing on getting my family settled in our new living situation.

This blog will have conversations about games I am playing, curriculum I am playing, things I am cooking, how we handle Autism and raising 3 boys and what we are learning about being parents. I will also keep doing reviews on products that interest me ranging from games to kids toys to food products.

Welcome to the new kind of homemadeMomy!


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