Game Review: Lanterns Harvest Festival and Double Feature

Most weekends we have people over for various games. HomemadeDady like to play Magic: The Gathering. Follow his musings on the game here. While there is often some form of M:TG happening on the weekends we also like to play OTHER games. Mostly because the other wife and I got tired of being left out of the gamer fun. One friend, lovingly referred to as “New Nick” by BigM, brought over a couple of new games, one had recently been kickstarted, for us to try out playing so he could give playing feed back on forums. These were Lanterns: The Harvest Festival and Double Feature.

**I was not compensated for writing this post. The game was provided by another person and we were asked to help him play test the games.**

The first one we broke into was Double Feature from Renegade Game Studio because it was simple to set up and easy rules to learn. We simply separated cards into piles and started flipping and name calling. Good name calling because the object of the game is to call out names of movies that match the two cards that are currently face up. There are different categories including props, genres and production. While some were pretty easy, others had us all stumped. Romance and something red, white, or blue?!? I won it with Dear John. Future and some red or orange? Back to the Future of course! But what about western and gangs? Or gangs and Pepsi? Those both were Back to the Future. In fact we used the back to the Future series quite a few times during the game. Both myself and the other wife felt like we were going to do poorly because of our limited movie knowledge but both actually did quite well and were able to keep up with the guys. There were very simple rules like the movies had to be ones that went to the theater and Television shows didn’t count. Over all it was a very fun game that we all enjoyed immensely and even played multiple rounds before moving on to the next game.

Next up was Lanterns: The Harvest Festival. This one was a little bit more set up intensive as it is a tile placing, hand management game. The idea is that you gain resources by placing tiles strategically. You then use these resources to gain the points needed to win the game. the catch is that the only thing hidden from other players are the tiles you have to place. They can see everything else you have. This game was a little more tricky to learn but we also kept making things harder than they needed to be. Once we got the flow of the game going it was actually a fun game. I did end up winning that one but only because “New Nick” pointed out that I was able to make a move that would break the tie he and I were currently in. Now was that good sportsmanship or what?! If you like tile placement games I would recommend checking this one out.




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