Moving: Purging

Something that happens with every single move. The purging phase. The time when you go through and clean out excess that has accumulated in the current housing situation. I had already done a lot of purging because I had an idea that we would be moving to a smaller home. Then I found out we were moving home instead. More purging happened as we get ready to be packed out of our current home and move in with another person.

Nothing was safe. I cleaned out children books, bath towels, movies, toys, kids clothes, my clothes, knick knacks, work uniforms and even crafting supplies. To keep myself from being overwhelmed by it all I methodically went through drawers and buckets and nooks and crannies. I was determined to cut something from everything.

Thus far we have taken 2 car loads of give away to donation centers between stuff I had cleaned out over the summer and the stuff we cleaned out this last week. We have a Ford Explorer, so 2 car loads is quite large. How did we acquire so much extra, unnecessary stuff? I’m not sure but thankfully we now have less. I did not adhere to the popular purging method floating around youtubers and bloggers but I did go based on feeling. If something just didn’t feel like a good fit for our family anymore I tossed it. This included the extra linens we were keeping for that just-in-case-we-need-it-in-5-years moment.

My secret? I moved in a circle around each room. As I reached a storage area I opened all doors and all drawers. I carried a bag with me so I could purge on the spot and not have to hunt down bags to put the give away items in or carry them to different rooms. They went straight into a bag and once that bag was full it went straight into the car.

How do you clean out the excess accumulation?


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