Going Too Far

When is it going too far? When should you be a hero and say something? Is it ever okay to voice concerns to the person first? 

If you do confront a person how do you approach them? Should you tell them exactly what they must do or do you just let them know you are a little concerned about things? Are we a society that now assumes the worse in people without stopping and wondering if there is another explanation? 

Is someone wrong because they don’t do things the way you do? Shouldn’t there be a little bit of allowance and realization that not every one is the same? Not everyone is a terrible person? Everything isn’t always as horrible as you think it is? Is there always a boogeyman lurking in the shadows waiting for you to turn around?

How disappointing it is that we live in a world where parents make decisions based on fear of their neighbors, fear of the prying public eye, fear of the government officials?  I’ve been told before that I am a good Momy and to follow my gut instinct. I wish we lived in a time where I could follow that advice. Where I could ignore the uneducated and do what I know is right. Where I could act without having to defend my decision.

I feel like I’m living in a permanent big brother house. 


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