Moving: What Actually Came with Us

Despite my well thought out and planned lists we had to buy duplicates. I would estimate that a good 1/3rd of my packing list didn’t make it into the car. This included things like sheets, kids beds, outside toys and clothes for myself and for LittleM. Majority of our Kitchen packing list didn’t make it either because we originally weren’t going to need our Kitchen box and by the time we knew we needed it we had already packed it away into storage. We weren’t in a position to be able to dig it all back out. We did manage to bring 40-50 containers of baby food with us.

Packed in the car with us were all the liquids we could pull together from nail polish, to soap, to cooking liquids. There was also a small TV, the Xbox, an inflatable mattress, books, inside toys, medicines, one skillet, one pot, a spoon, a spatula, a candy thermometer, two cutting boards and random bathroom items. We can’t forget the booster seat for PiratM to sit in to eat.

After we got the keys to our new place we immediately went out and got a few various items like cookie sheet, couch beds for the kids, a knife, a can opener, food and a stroller.

It is not easy running on so little but we are making it through and learning to be creative. Very creative.



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