What We Were

One thing that we never expected to run into was something as silly as not knowing where to go shopping for groceries. It makes sense though if you think about it. We have moved to a region neither of us have ever visited or lived in. We also no longer have the job connections to a store that we used to have.

For those who didn’t know and hadn’t figured it out, we are ex-military. Before anyone gets their panties in a twist over my use of the word “we”, I really do mean we. I served as well as Homemade Dady. I got out many years ago to take care of BigM while HD remained in. Recently HD got out as well. When we have moved in the past we have always had the military grocery store to go to upon arrival to pick up food. We don’t have that anymore.

HD and I actually met in the military. We are, what is referred to as a “tech school couple”.  This is normally not something to be proud of. Marriages in those circumstances don’t always last very long. In fact, I do not know of a single couple that married at the same time as we did that is still together. As much as I hated the moves, the military is the reason we got to live where we have. We have been in the deep south and in the land of the midnight sun. From Georgia to Alaska.

That’s right. We got to play snow bunnies and experience daily life at a HIGH of -45 and maximum sunlight of under 3 hours of “dusk” type light. Not everyone gets to claim this.  I recently saw an article talking about road trips that need to be on your bucket list. One was the road into Denali park. I’ve been there. I go to see wild bears there. I got to cling to the opposite side of the bus as we had to pass another bus on a narrow, cliff side road with no guard rails.  I got to see something that most people visiting the park never get to see, the top of Mt. McKinley. I also got to be in the park when the decedents of the original explorers to first summit the mountain were making the exact same trek their ancestors had. It was a lot of fun hearing how their trip was going.

We used to be apart of a very (sometimes a little TOO) tight-knit family. I’m grateful for some of the forever friends I have been able to make. I am also thankful to those who may have not been forever in out lives but they still touched us and helped us immensely. What has been the hardest part of this most recent move? I have told people it was the fact that we CHOSE to accept this job offer and move away from family. Now? I think it is not having that community to fall back on while we get situated. There is no group of people I can ask questions and easily find answers and friends.

We are very much so, on our own.



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