Pesky Plans

I mentioned before that I had plans to write several posts before our final leg of the move. That was before kids got off schedule and I got distracted by coloring.

Our trip went about as smoothly as we expected it too. Lots of fights in the car and sudden “I have to go and can’t wait” declarations. We also got to see family along the way and only spent two nights in hotels. Our planned drive took us to see Mount Rushmore and on a drive through the Badlands. Our drive took us through more than 7 National Parks.  We saw sun, rain and even snow on the ground. We planned the trip to take longer than it had to take. We tried to make it fun for the kids. As much as moving can be fun.

One thing we enjoyed on this trip was eating at places that HD and I had not seen for over 3 years. We got to stay with amazing family that I really didn’t grow up around. Getting to know them better was amazing.

I could tell you that I plan on writing several more posts here in the near future but if I say that then the kids will start fighting so bad that one leaves a bruise on the other. Another will start projectile vomiting. I’ll remember that there are several things that still need to be taken care of.  All things that get in the way of actually being able to write. Pesky little plans. So I won’t mention how much I hope to get done soon.


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