Autism: Summer Plans

I made two mistakes. Normally they wouldn’t be a huge deal but Autism. I looked up the wrong school district when telling BigM about his school and getting to start right away. I also assumed that the state would have summer school.

When we got to the correct school district office, I found out that the district only had 7 school days left in the year as opposed to the several weeks of the previous one. This means that BigM was not able to to start back to school. Oh the pains over that knowledge. So much anxiety over it that I had to contact the school and ask for a meeting to try and help relieve some of the issues. At that meeting it was confirmed that there was absolutely NO summer school program that he could attend.

Every single agency that I have contacted for help has stated the same thing. They don’t provide services during the summer. I’m a bit frustrated. It is summer and that is when my kiddo stops needing help? He stops being autistic because it’s summer but as soon as school starts we can just flip the switch back on!

With all of this knowledge we are now searching for ways to keep him busy this summer. He seems to thrive off of being busy as long as there aren’t too large of crowds. We have plans for the zoo, water park, local grocery store and library programs, science centers, pioneer farms, berry picking, visiting family, going to races with his running buddy and hopefully swimming and martial arts lessons.

What summer plans do you have this year?


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