Week in Review May 25, 2015

This last week has been an interesting one. Big M has been having a hard time. There has been rain off and on all week. Homemade Dady has also had the car all week. 

We spent Memorial Day weekend out running errands and shopping. Don’t be mistaken, we also remembered those who have fallen which include some friends.  The rest of the week was spent at the park or pool when the weather was nice enough.

On Wednesday we met another family while at the pool. Our first friends here that aren’t co-workers. We ended up joining BBQ’s together and enjoying having others to talk to. Friday was going to a local fast food joint. We got to eat some amazing frozen custard and tried their brand of root beer. That is the best root beer I have tasted in a long time. 

This weekend was grocery shopping. Our first time in the local grocery store was a bit overwhelming. We are familiarizing ourselves with the local brands and what these stores carry.  We also got me a couple pieces of clothing but more on that later. Spending more time with friends was also on the schedule. Movie marathon Saturday night and dinner with good friends Sunday has been a spectacular way to wrap up the weekend. 


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