Week in Review: May 31, 2015

This last week was pretty quiet. Homemade Dady had a different work schedule for the week but we ended up not taking him to work and staying home for the week.

After work we went to the pool one day and the library a couple days. On Thursday BigM got to go to a show to help kick off the summer reading program. It was a duo who did juggling, magic and mime routines. After that I had a meeting for work while HD took the boys for McDonald’s and to a local high school baseball game. The meeting was excellent. I got to meet a group of wonderful women who are going to help me network and get going in my business.

Friday we were supposed to go to the public pool and watch a movie in the pool but BigM was having a hard time transitioning to HD coming home from work and so we had to cancel that. Saturday was filled with a couple more appointments to do with work for me and then a cookout at a friends house. Of course this also doubled as another meeting to become a leader in a local support group. The boys had fun playing in a big backyard with lots of new-to-them-toys.

Do you schedule for the family to have quiet weeks or do you keep everyone pretty busy?


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