Big M Birthday

Over the summer BigM turned 5. Instead of buying lots of toys or presents we gave him experiences. Day one we had a Chuck E Cheese party. We invited another family to come along and had TONS of fun. The kids all ran around and played on games and ate pizza and ice cream. The tickets from that day plus some left over tickets from a previous trip meant that BigM could get a BIG prize. He chose a couple smaller items instead and then let LittleM have the rest of the tickets. I was so proud of BigM in that moment.

Saturday I had a temp job to work but HomemadeDady took all the kids to the zoo to meet BigM’s running buddy. I got lots of pictures sent to me from that day. The kids all had lots fun looking at the animals and then having a picnic lunch. After I got home the kids got to play Skylanders: Trap Team. We bought it a while back on a clearance sale but had not let them open it yet. They enjoyed getting to play with the new figures and the new mechanics of this version.

Sunday we got up early and packed up lots of snacks for the kids. I wore walking shoes and we grabbed cash. This was the day we went to the state fair. This was by far the best fair I have ever been to. We saw the exhibit hall where the kids got more tattoos than I thought possible. I have never seen prepped tattoos be such a big thing. They also got poster schedules of too many different college teams. Then we moved on to the horse exhibit and the National Guard vehicles. We got to watch a Miniature Tractor pull competition and then went to find FOOD. Oh the food. Foot long corn dogs and fried cheese curds and fresh squeezed lemonade. I even found a booth selling sliced, caramel apples. We saw pigs, goats, sheep, cows and got to visit a hands on farm that gave out snacks at the end.

While BigM says that he did not have fun that weekend I believe that it is mainly from him being off for most of that week. We had several meltdowns and troubles throughout the weekend but I am glad that we did the experiences versus decorations and cakes and toys.


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  1. Amie Elna says:

    I think experiences are wonderful gifts!!

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