Autism: Puppy Prepping

We are still waiting to have dates of when we get to bring the service dog home with us. I know that this holiday season we will have some more specific information and directions to send in video to help them train the dog. Until then we have been prepping for the dog.

When BigM asks about HIS special dog we tell him that the dogs are still learning how to help him and it will be a while longer. He is frustrated at how long it takes but is taking it in stride considering the alternative. We are following all the puppies who are in the time frame for our general class date. There are a lot of them to follow but we love seeing all the pictures. They are with their foster homes right now. Some go to college and other start out in the prison program. The purpose of this time is to socialize the puppies and give them basic obedience along with house breaking and crate training. The families work hard to expose the puppies to a wide variety of situations. They meet animals and ride elevators and learn how to cope with being in a down position for an extended amount of time. If you want to follow the puppies or get more information on the foster program you can follow the 4 Paws fostering page on Facebook HERE.

We are also saving up to make the trip to pick up the service dog. We will be gone for 2 weeks to be trained with the dog and will have to spend that entire time in a hotel. That right there is not cheap. Plus the gas and food expenses. Thankfully we can possibly make it in a days drive. There are also many items we need to have on hand to bring the service dog home. Food, dog bowls, kennel, treats and because we have snow in the winters we also need booties. If you have any recommendations on how to save money and where to get the best quality for price PLEASE let me know!


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