Working Mommy Problems

I knew it was hard to be a working mom. You still have to take care of the house and all the kids going here and there.  My problem has come when working 40 hours a week. I am left with so little energy there have been nights that I didn’t make it to dinner. I fell asleep while Homemade Daddy cooked. The weekends I was worthless if I tried to do anything. I was left feeling even worse and not at all rested.  This was something we thought would get better. It did mildly but not completely. I still have to be careful on the weekends even now. I have been working for close to 8 weeks.

During all of this we have also still been working with BigM being at a new school. All the IEP meetings and continuous communications with multiple teachers and doctor appointments. All of which I have to manage and respond to while working. I can give a HUGE shout out to HomemadeDady who took on an IEP meeting alone with the 2 littles. I was available by phone if needed but couldn’t be there in person.

PirateM has been cutting molars and we have had one round of everyone being sick. Those were the hardest times for me to be gone. All I wanted to do was sit in the chair and cuddle him all day. Especially the times when our nanny told us that he was in her arms all day and didn’t want to be put down. There are no more lazy PJ days for me. What was really hard to admit was that I needed this. I needed a job and to be getting out and interacting with other people. Yes I could have just taken kids to play groups and the library but it wouldn’t be the same. While we still haven’t fully decided if I am going to keep this job past the temporary phase, it has been been good for me.


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